The Foreign Employment Department has dismissed 1 hundred 97 manpower

Kathmandu - The Foreign Employment Department has dismissed 1 hundred 97 manpower. The Foreign Employment Department has rejected Manpower who have worked differently and does not renew the time.

The worker sent by these foreign workers in Nepal has not been able to pay for the work, salary and payment, in the case of payment, and dismiss the manpower if they see the mistake of manpower.

After the deputation of the department, Manpower can not do anything related to foreign employment. However, the department has urged everyone to be alert if the agents and brokers are deceived by the name of Manpower in the name of dismissal. Now there are 14 37 manipulators registered in the department.

In a year, even managers who do not send workers to work will also be dismissed
Out of 1437 people registered in the department, 1185 Manpower operational. The figures of the department, which are not being operated in 55 manpower, are mentioned. In a year of registered manpower, a manpower who can not send a worker can also be dismissed.

The government has brought such provisions to reduce the number of manpower workers and the number of manual managers. According to the figures in the department, in the financial year 2074-75, at least 12 12 Manpower were unable to send a hundred workers.

The number of manpower capable of sending ten workers in a year is 67. Out of which, eight Manpower have reported only one worker's department. 7 have sent only 2 foreign jobs.

There are 60 manipulators who send only 3 to 10 workers. The number of senders from 11 to 50 is 82. Manpower sent by more than 2,000 workers is 15. click here to see full blocked manpower

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