गर्भ नरहने तरीका हेरेर शेयर गर्नुहोला (The way the womb is not)

There is a human need for sexually human and living beings. Sex needs the same amount as a person needs to eat. But there are also sex stages and procedures. Risk and placements in the sexuality of sexuality and sexual intercourse are equally backward. Sex and romance are happening in sex. Most of the ways in which you do not have to be pregnant when sex with it is the most important thing to grow in your heart. Keeping in mind is also possible to combine many things. In some cases pregnancy is first or foremost in sexual intercourse, but in some cases it can not be too long for a long time.

At the time of sexual intercourse, some of the millions of sparks of male spirits appear to be in the lungs and then to the dumbabhini hose in the lungs. On the 14th day of a woman who is 28-month-old men's age, an ovarian is very likely to be pregnant when sexual immorality occurs. But at the same time, in the next days, the possibility of pride in the vagina in the vagina is not very new. Sprinkles can be kept for 72 hours or more within the reproductive orgasm of women, so before the ovarian and some days later, the idea of ​​pregnancy is considered as insecure period.

Generally, chances of pregnancy occur on ninth day of the month of maternity. The mangoishell will be fine in 28 days, but it should be a little delayed. Protective periods should be used for contraception at least 6 months of honeymoon days.

After reducing the shortest month of 18 days from the first month of pregnancy, the first day you can get pregnant, if the last day is reduced to 11 days, the last day you can get pregnant. For example, if a woman's mild fasting is 24 days and 31 days late, 24,18, 6, i.e. i.e. sixth day may be pregnant.

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