Address detection app public

The mobile app that easily identifies the essential address has become public. Countrywide address can be detected through the 'Address' that the public service address is available.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Services, Giant KC says that applications can be used in personal and professional purposes. He said that getting access to delivery service, taking emergency facilities, registering address on bank account, walking distance from one place to another, he said. Casey says, "This app can be useful even if it is easy to relieve the natural disasters."

How does work
Address app is a 're-engineered' address system that has different parts of Nepal divided into 85 million units. And, the specific code is given to identify each entity.

The address code contains nine digits or letters. The first three digit shows related district and the remaining 6 digits are specified. For example, 'Address app' shows the KTM-P82746 for addressing the address of the Goshwara Hulak Sundhara. In KTM, it is known as the Kathmandu district and the rest of the Goshwara hulak's electrical address.

After the address app is registered, the last 6 numbers can be kept according to their interest. It is as easy as the operator operates as a mobile number to remember and distribute its address through the digital app.

The 'Address' app can be downloaded for free. Instant can be run on Android operating system. It is also available to the IOS user within a few weeks, the operator available.

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