Bird flu kills one person first time in Nepal

Kathmandu - One of the dead has been killed due to infection of bird flu. Bird birds and birds in birds and birds are confirmed in the bird.

According to the health ministry, a 21-year-old youth of Kavre has been confirmed by Birdflu (H. F. N. Van). He was infected with influenza medicines after healing and drainage reached the hospital. However, he was killed after the problem of breathing.After the illness of the riders of those young men who were ill and treated for treatment, it was confirmed that he had a bird flu.

This is the first incident in Bird Bird flu in Nepal. The news conference was held at the Health Ministry on Thursday to inform the incident. The name of the deceased has not been opened. After the incident, Health Secretary Dr. Pushpa Chaudhary has said that there was an unexpected incident.

How to Serve Bird Flu?
When a bird flu comes in direct contact with infected birds, this virus can enter the body of a healthy person. The disease leads to diseases, including meat, eggs, and solarium, which leads to disease. The disease also leads to eating or drinking meat.

The bird flu on the local bird leads to the contact of the fountain bird. The fact that the bird flu virus has passed from one person to another has not yet been found. But the birds move on to humans.

Some tips to avoid this
  • Do not know as much as possible in the disease of the disease.
  • Do not miss dead or dead dead bodies. Even if you go closer, go to Max.
  • Protect from the sick bird.
  • Chicken meat prevention.
  • The chicken's meat, eggs and eggs, cook only well after cooking well.

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