BMW and Toyota bringing hydrogen-based electric vehicles

Kathmandu - BMW and Toyota have been collaborating on electric vehicles for a long time. Recently, these companies have jointly announced that they will manufacture an electric vehicle that runs on hydrogen.

According to the news, BMW and Toyota will bring hydrogen fuel cell cars in 2025. A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell, which converts the chemical energy of the fuel (hydrogen) and the oxidizing agent (oxygen) into a pair of electricity through a redox reaction.

It is said that electric vehicles will be operated using the same electricity.

BMW and Toyota have collaborated on several electric cars over the past few years. At the beginning of 2013, these companies signed an agreement to cooperate in the Green Vehicle Tech Alliance, i.e. electric vehicle manufacturing.

BMW claims that fuel cell-based vehicles will be more efficient than the electric vehicles currently in operation.

The company says that fuel cell cars can be refilled in a few minutes.

At present, various companies are working on how to reduce the charging time of electric vehicles.

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