Doctors and engineers in every ward of Kathmandu and 500 daily allowance to city police

Kathmandu - Kathmandu Metropolitan City is going to appoint one engineer, one MDGP doctor and one nurse in all 32 wards. The eighth executive meeting held on Sunday passed a resolution to keep one engineer, MDGP and nurse on contract in all 32 wards.

Mayor Balen Sah said that ward clinics will be run in every ward and doctors with MD in general practice who can diagnose diseases will be placed there. He said that there will be a nurse in the ward clinic to assist the doctor. He says that if a general physician is hired, he can give general health advice and treat any problem immediately.

Also, an engineer will be contracted to monitor the development and construction in each ward. Mayor Balen said that the ward's budget has been increased this year and an engineer is needed to monitor the development work that will be done there. His proposal was approved by the municipal executive meeting.

Similarly, the executive meeting of the metropolis has also decided to give a daily allowance of 500 rupees to the city police who are engaged in footpath management.

5 legal advisors

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has retained 5 legal advisors. Mayor Balen proposed Dina Shrestha, Shankar Pudasaini, Omprakash Aryal, Mahesh Nepal and Kumari Kharel as legal advisors. Navin Manandhar, spokesperson of the metropolis, informed that the name of the legal advisor was chosen through the discussion of the mayor, deputy mayor and ward president. Earlier, the metropolis had 4 legal advisors.

The municipality is going to hire 4 to 5 employees who have a master's degree in food technology. Mayor Balen proposed to have food inspectors to monitor meat shops and food shops.

The meeting decided to hire 15 tippers to collect Teku's garbage. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has also decided to pay one lakh rupees for the treatment of a child with bone marrow, and to bear the treatment of a local Kamal Tamang who was injured in the demonstration in Bancharedanda.

The proposal to install elevators in all wards has also been passed by the executive meeting. Similarly, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has decided to give the authority to the Deputy Mayor to issue the permit of the 'D' category builders. Mayor Balen said that the authority has been delegated to the deputy chief to facilitate the construction work.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Sah has said that the executive members have supported the matter of taking action if the purpose of the building is not as per the map.

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