Harka Sampang said: When I saw the poverty of Kathmandu, I wanted to donate

Kathmandu - Harak Sampang, mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, has said that he would like to donate labor after seeing the poverty of Kathmandu city.

Due to the problem of the landfill site, the waste of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has not been picked up. Because of this, garbage has piled up on the streets of Kathmandu.

Targeting this, Sampang has written on social media, "When you see garbage heaps on the roadsides of Kathmandu and the wide streets, even if there is a pothole, it looks clean!" When I saw the city where the prime minister and ministers lived, I wanted to donate!

He has come to Kathmandu for work related to the development of Dharan sub-metropolitan city. Elected as the mayor of Dharan as an independent, he used to personally participate in the construction work to solve the water problem of Dharan and he also motivates the residents of Dharan for labor donation.

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