Melina Rai announced to break her engagement with Sanjeev

Kathmandu - Singer Melina Rai has said that her engagement with boyfriend Sanjeev Baraili has been called off. Singer Rai has given this information through social media.

Melina Rai has said that although she and her boyfriend Baraili got engaged and decided to spend their lives together in the future, later differences began to appear. She wrote on Facebook, I announced my engagement some time ago. That was a serious decision in my life.

In one situation, that decision was made with the thought of living together in the future. But there was a clear difference of opinion between us on the ideological side, that is, we could not agree on our views. After many reviews and introspection, it was concluded that it is very difficult to achieve a strong goal by riding a weak instrument.

Similarly, she has argued that all engagements must turn into marriage and that there is no binding thing. Singer Rai has written on Facebook that the engagement between herself and her lover Baraili has been called off from today.

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