Millions of websites data at risk due to open source software

Kathmandu - The risk of data theft of millions of websites has increased due to bugs found in open source software.

In a study conducted by cyber security company, a security vulnerability was found in the open source platform called Git.

According to the study, the dot GIT (.git) folder should be hidden, but instead it is open and anyone can access the folder.

It is mentioned in the study that many users' websites are at risk because users cannot use this platform better than GIT software.

It is said that anyone can download the user's folder from the websites and access the details in the said folder.

In this type of folder, the history of the codebase, previously changed codes, comments on the website, security keys and other sensitive passwords and files are usually there.

In this way, hackers can not only steal these details using the open source platform, but can also find other vulnerabilities in the website through the code of the website. In such a folder there are also API keys.

According to the study, three lakh 32 thousand websites on dot GIT are at risk.

Among the various open source platforms, GIT is a very popular platform. It currently has eight million users.

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