Now the message that has been sent from the iPhone can be retrieved and edited

Kathmandu - Apple's new operating system iOS 16 is expected to be released in September. After the update, the message sent from the iMessage app can be deleted or edited.

This means that you can edit the message that you have already sent. The person who receives the message sent by you will be able to see what was before. However, for that too, another person must have used the 16th version of iOS.

Also, if you accidentally send a message to someone else, you will be able to 'unsend' it. This feature is also available in the beta version of iOS 16.

Which you can download and use now. This feature requires an iPhone released after 2017.

How to edit iMessages on iPhone with iOS 16

  • First of all, send a message to someone from iPhone's iMessage.
  • Then long press on the message you want to edit.
  • Then select the edit option.
  • Edit your message and tap on the blue tick icon next to it.
  • After that, the note edited by the person receiving the message can be seen.

How to get iMessages back on iPhone with iOS 16

  • First, send a message to someone from iPhone.
  • Then press for a while on the message.
  • Then select Undo Send.

After doing this, you can delete the message you sent. However, if the message is unsent, the person must have updated their iPhone to iOS 16.

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