Only 18 buttons keyboard, you can type several words in seconds

Kathmandu - In today's digital and internet world, the computer keyboard is still an important part of our life.

Be it writing school or college assignments or doing office work. Keyboard is one of the most essential things. What if you got your hands on a keyboard with a superfast speed?

Superfast because you might not even imagine the speed of the keyboard we are talking about. By now you may have heard about 30 words per minute, 60 or 100 words per minute typing speed. But with the help of a keyboard called Charachorder, you can type hundreds of words in a minute.

After the QWERTY keyboard and the gaming keyboard, this keyboard keyboard has now come. With the help of this keyboard with a unique design, you can type at ultra fast speed.

This keyboard is designed in such a way that it has various combinations of superfast typing. The keyboard is provided with rock climb holds which are connected to each other by aluminum rods.

There are nine small joysticks in both holds. Four other fingers and three thumbs are placed in it. There are two additional buttons for the left and right fingers, which act as arrow and mouse controls.

According to the manufacturer of the Caracorder keyboard, this keyboard has more than 300 unique inputs and 17 billion chord combinations.

You can use all these without lifting a finger. The price of this keyboard in the international market is around 300 dollars. With the help of the agency

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