Pradeep's anger for giving less show to Prakash

Kathmandu - The film 'Prakash' team has expressed its displeasure towards the exhibitor saying that there was discrimination in the performance. On the first day of the release, on Friday afternoon, the producer and actor were angry with Hall while holding a press conference at Reports Club.

Actor Pradeep Khadka alleged that Nepali films were discriminated against by the exhibitors by giving less shows than Hindi films. "We feel insulted," he said, "They tried to make our film a flop."

He was heard angry that the Nepali film Prakash was given very less shows than the Indian film Ligar which was released on Thursday and the shows were not distributed properly.

He said, "My grievances and complaints with the exhibitor are nothing." Confusion indeed. I wondered, why this kind of insult? Personally, I don't feel like I have a crush on anyone. I have seen a mistake in intention. We felt insulted.

Pradeep said that director Dinesh Raut also did not come to the press conference as he felt insulted. "It's not my passion, it's confusion towards filmmakers and exhibitors," he said.

He complained that there is no support for Nepali films. Why is there a government quota in Nepal? Who is in a miserable condition and who still seems to be suffering. Rakhya is there to support him, isn't it? Why is that support not within the Nepali film industry?'

Aiming at the Kannada film KGF 2, he said, "Everyone must agree that Nepali films are suffering." Why are there no reservations? What I am saying is that even if a film is supposed to be full house at 1 am, it still gets 30 shows.

Aiming at the Indian film 'Ligar' which was released on Thursday, he further said, 'What is happening with our film, I feel that even if the film is shown at 1 o'clock in the night, people will not come. Such a review has come. Despite that, what kind of show has he given us?'

He said that he raised his voice for collective benefit rather than personal interest. If I were only an artist, I would have slept happily. But it's been two nights, I haven't slept more than three hours. I am not going to get an extra rupee from the film. I am sure that Prem Geet 3 will set a record that no one else has. But despite that, why am I worried because such a trend makes a difference to many people," he said.

Pradeep said that if Nepali films do not get a show, there will be a situation where projectors will have to be shown in Chokchok.

At the press conference, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party's spokesperson Gyanendra Shahi warned that if Nepali films are discriminated against, the owners of theaters will have to face blackmail.

The accusation of giving more shows to foreign films and less shows to Nepali films is not new. Regarding this allegation, the exhibitor has been arguing that more shows can be provided only after the shows provided are full.

After the press conference, QFX has increased the show of 'Prakash'.


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