Regular waste disposal in Bancharedanda from today

Kathmandu - Garbage has been regularly dumped in Bancharedanda since today. Yesterday, after an agreement was reached between the stakeholders including the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, local residents, vehicles carrying garbage from Kathmandu have started reaching Bancharedanda regularly.

Garbage has been being dumped there since morning and vehicles are also arriving from Kathmandu, according to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. From today, the metropolis has prepared to dispose of waste from 300 vehicles daily. Even the residents of Dhunibesi Municipality Ward No. 1 of Dhading, which is located at the Land field site, did not stop the garbage-carrying vehicles today.

Ward Chairman Man Bahadur Tamang informed that since the Metropolitan Corporation has promised to fulfill the demand within a week, they will not make any obstacles until this period. According to the agreement, the metropolis will bear the medical expenses of those who were injured during the protest at the landfill site, while one person who was arrested will also have to be released.

Similarly, vehicles carrying garbage will not be allowed to leak leachate on the road, while the place where garbage is dumped in Bancharedanda, anti-odor medicine will have to be sprinkled and the agreement reached on Jun 9 will have to be implemented. Although garbage trucks have started going regularly to Bancharedanda, the Metropolitan Corporation has informed that it will take time to collect the garbage piled up in Kathmandu Valley.

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