After 25 years, Teku's garbage station is clean, all garbage is removed

Kathmandu - Garbage has been a problem in Kathmandu for two and a half decades. Sometimes, even for months, the garbage from the streets, squares and alleys is not picked up.

Garbage could not be picked up in Kathmandu since last March. Garbage was piled up in Kathmandu after the locals obstructed the disposal of garbage at Sisdol landfill site and Bancharedanda landfill site. In addition, garbage has been piling up at the transfer station at Teku for the past two and a half decades. It was impossible to even walk around Teku because of the dirt.

However, in the past few days, all of Teku's garbage has been picked up. All waste has been managed. With the request of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City to separate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste from the source, waste management is now becoming easier.

In addition, after Metropolitan Chief Balendra Shah Balen appealed to the private sector for waste management, garbage has stopped being seen on the streets of Kathmandu including Teku.

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