License in hand even if it crashes while giving trial

Kathmandu - Now you don't have to worry about failing the driver's license test if you touch somewhere or fall on the ground. If you get at least 70 marks in such an exam, you will get a license.

In Bagmati province, new standards are being implemented in the driving license examination from the 1st of October.

According to the new standards, it has been arranged to pass the experimental (trial) exam by scoring 70 marks. This will provide relief to those who have repeatedly failed and could not get a license.

Harihar Pokhrel, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Labor and Transport of Bagmati province informed that preparations are being made to implement the new standards.

He said, "Probably, we will conduct the examination according to the new guidelines from all the five transport offices. If there is no emergency, the examination will be conducted according to the new rules in two or three offices from October 1.

There are five transport offices in Bagmati province.

According to the driving license examination guidelines, the trial of motorcycle, scooter, moped, car, jeep and delivery van license has been facilitated.

According to that system, if you touch the line once in a turn (eight in English), you should not fail. If you touch the line, five points will be reduced. Similarly, even if one foot touches the ground, there will be no failure.

In such a situation five more marks will be deducted. 10 points will be reduced if the turning indicator light does not turn on. Failure to follow traffic signals will result in 15 points being deducted.

"If the score falls below 70 in all, it will not be considered eligible to get a license," he said.

Five points will be deducted if you touch the ground even once in Khaltakhulti. Once the start of the vehicle is stopped, five points will be reduced. Three points will be deducted if the vehicle's brakes, tires and mirrors are not inspected before driving.

Four points will be deducted for driving without a helmet lock. In the past, if one of these arrangements was made wrong, it would result in failure.

Spokesperson of the Ministry, Pokharel, informed that the first arrangement has been established for the written examination.

The Department of Transport has released two sets of questions containing 500 questions for the written examination.

100 full marks questions will be asked from the same questions in written.

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