Sixteen Shraddhas start from today

Kathmandu - Every year Ashwin Krishna Pratipada Dekhi begins with Sohra Shradh i.e. see Pitru Paksha today (Ayat Bar) duly started Garindaich.

According to the Nepal Panchang Adjudicatory Development Committee, Shraddha should be performed on Pratipada and Dwiya Tithi on the same day today.

Prof. Dr. Devmani Bhattarai, a member of the committee and a theologian, informed that the donation of Pratipada Tithi Shraddha should be done by 2:19 pm.

On 16 dates from Ashwin Krishna Pratipada to Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, Tarpan, Sidadan and Pindadan are offered with respect to the departed ancestors, so it is called Sohrshraddha. This time is also known as Apar, Pret Paksha etc.

According to the Vedic Sanatan Hindu classical tradition of remembering the ancestors with devotion, sixteen prayers are performed before the festival Yajnayagadi and big works. It is classically believed that at this time the fathers are sitting in Ashgari.

It is religiously believed that by performing sixteen prayers in this way, one's sense of responsibility towards one's father is fulfilled and one is also freed from one's father's debt. Prof. Dr. Ramachandra Gautam, a theologian, says that Shraddha is performed on the basis of the scriptures that if one does not perform Shraddha in this aspect, there is an unforgivable fault.

He also said that there is a scriptural saying that Sohrashraddha should be done in the afternoon. The theologian Gautam says that sixteen Shraddhas should not be left except in the case of Jatashauch, dead defecation and the wife is menstruating.

Due to this reason, many alternatives are given in the scriptures when the sixteen Shraddhas are stopped. There is a law that the sixteen Shraddha should be performed on the dates of their fathers. The theologian Gautam says that if you are stuck for any reason according to Apat Dharma, there is a classical word to do from Ashwin Krishna Aunsi to Ashwin Shukla Panchami.

Even at this time, if sixteen Shraddhas cannot be performed due to some reason, it can be performed on the day of Kartik Krishna Aunsi i.e. Lakshmi Puja. It is mentioned in the classical book Dharmasindhu that if it cannot be done even on Kartikkrishna finger, then it can be done till Scorpio Sankranti i.e. November.

Prof. Dr. Bhattarai, who is also the head of Nepal Sanskrit University Valmiki Vidyapeeth Department of Theology, informed that there is also a classical option to perform the 16th Shraddha which is stopped regardless of the date on which the Ashtami, Dwadashi and Aunsi, Bharani Nakshatra and Vytipat yoga occur after Ashwin Shukla Panchami.

Even after that, if you are unable to perform sixteen prayers, there is a classical alternative to chanting 108 mantras daily through a Brahmin. This chanting should be done properly for 10 months. There is a religious belief that fathers get satisfaction from this method.

Similarly, it is mentioned in the calendar approved by the committee that there is no Shraddha on October 1 this year. On 31st of August, Saptami Tithi is Shraddha. Ashtami Tithi falls on October 2nd. Prof. Srikrishna Adhikari, chairman of the committee, said that since Ashtami date falls on October 2nd, it has been decided to perform Ashtami Shraddha on that day.

Purohit says that it is not scriptural to perform Shraddha in the morning according to his convenience, he should perform sixteen Shraddha in the afternoon on the day of his father's date. For this, Suryanath Pant, editor of Toyanath Pant's Almanac, informed the Rasas that a schedule has been prepared for the time of Shraddha every day.

He also suggested to perform Shraddha on the basis of this schedule. With the end of Pitru Paksha, Durga Paksha i.e. Vadadasai begins. Before celebrating Vada Dasai, there is a religious opinion that sixteen Shraddhas should be performed for the satisfaction of ancestors. There is a Vedic Sanatani tradition of doing ancestral gratification before celebrating a big festival or festival.

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